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For speaking engagements and all media inquiries please contact:
Adria Belport

"I so enjoyed working with you at the ABA Litigation Section's Annual Meeting� Your program was described as 'The fireworks at the end of the 1812 Overture.' Many attendees had similar reactions."
&emdash;Robert S. Bonney Jr. Esq.
Lomurro, Davison, Eastman and Munoz

"I am so grateful you recommended Sonya to us. She was a hit. Her sense of humour, sharp wit, deep understanding of the issues mesmerized the mentors. I have never seen them so captivated."
&emdash;Francoise Jeanpierre
Director Faculty Practice Finance
Columbia University Medical Center

" have so much to teach the students but I am also intrigued at how you teach me every year and each year is different. I come away with new approaches and new tricks for having attended the seminar with you."
&emdash;Marianne N. Prout M.D. M.P.H.
Prof. Epidemiology and Sociomedical Science
Boston University's Schools of Public Health and Medicine

"I don't think I can fairly express the impact your lecture had on the lawyers fortunate enough to attend your seminar. The overwhelming response was 'I wish I would have known what she was like. I would have brought more people.'"
&emdash;John M. Richilano
Past President
Colorado Criminal Defense Bar

"You were delightful, enlightening, informative&emdash;I heard repeatedly that you sparked up the entire weekend and that we should ask you to share your talents again&emdash;making us think, react, laugh and consider many facets of the jobs we do as reporters."
&emdash;Martha S. Reed
Past President
National Federation of Press Women Inc.

"You were great!!! You radiate such a high level of energy that you inspire those around you. I also never cease to be impressed by how perceptive you are and how well you are able to judge what influences people's thinking."
&emdash;Harvey L. Kaplan Esq.
Shook, Hardy & Bacon
Kansas City, MO

"For one who has few female role models&emdash;it was inspirational to listen and learn from you."
&emdash;Vicki A. Kjos Esq.
Phoenix, Arizona

"How does it feel to be the hit of our conference? You were great! Thank you, thank you�"
&emdash;Sheryl Marshall
Managing Director
Axxon Capital

"Your workshop on 'Interacting with the Media' was memorable, a high impact and very educational experience&emdash;the participants greatly valued your fast-paced, information packed session... they also appreciated the tangible, individual advice that you provided each of them. Your Public Speaking Workshop, conducted with clarity, warmth and humor... made participants learn a lot not only about communications but also, through your example, about women's leadership."
&emdash;Fran Streets
Past President
International Women's Forum

"I want to thank you for your excellent presentation. I have heard nothing but rave reviews, and ours is a tough audience. Your information, style, humor and (perhaps above all) professionalism, made the session a hit."
&emdash;Richard Alpert Esq.
Associate General Counsel
Major industrial firm

"I wanted to thank you for the media training program with Sonya Hamlin. What a wonderfully insightful woman she is! I learned more about how to comport myself professionally in three hours with Sonya than I had learned on my own these many years."
&emdash;Frances Codd Slusarz Esq.

"Feedback from the students: they continue to talk about your charming personality and your slides. Your extensive knowledge and experience made such an important contribution to our class."
&emdash;Terry Tottenham Esq. and Lana Varney Esq.
University of Texas Law School

"...your presentation continues to elicit the ongoing praise of our people... they were most impressed... as indeed your flawless performance gave them every reason to be."
&emdash;V.P. Advertising and Public Relations
Major national insurance company

"The reactions of the participants, during the course and on their evaluations, have been very high. The quality of the lectures is what really makes the course and we are so fortunate to have had you participate."
&emdash;Director, Office of Legal Education
U. S. Department of Justice

"Once again there will be Trial Advocacy Workshop� I can scarcely think that one of these� would be complete without the benefit of your program."
&emdash;Workshop Director
Harvard Law School

"Thank you for contributing so significantly to the Annual Advocacy Institute. As I suspected by the attendance, your lecture on 'Witness Preparation' was extremely well received."
Institute of Continuing Legal Education
University of Michigan

"I had occasion to participate in a seminar for the Young President's Organization, where Sonya Hamlin led the group through an exercise in persuasive communications. Her skills are exceptional. And her message is a most timely one."
&emdash;Member of Young President's Organization

"I have heard nothing but very positive and favorable comments about your presentation... your remarks were both thoughtful and stimulating and... the open discussion that followed was the result of the good job you did."
&emdash;Sr. Vice President
The Prudential Insurance Co. of America